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Damaged Goods
Damaged Goods

Released by Tate Publishing Damaged Goods Third Book in the Steward Series by Charles de Andrade.After Tate Publishing went out of business it was rereleased by Redemption Press in 2017 and can be found on their site as well,

Major General Lee Chinh stared at the mirror, wondering what she had seen in him. His damaged body should have repelled her, yet she had loved him anyway. But now, Hope had been taken from him, along with the unborn child that had filled his mind with such expectation and anticipated joy. How could he ever be whole again, without her? What value or future did this life hold for him now? How could someone who was so damaged ever be reclaimed? Chinh would discover the answer to these questions, half a world away, where a stranger, living in the country he had once considered his enemy, was struggling with her own loss and the mounting confrontation with forces conspiring to destroy her and her family. Confronted with the challenge to serve another, Chinh discovers that his own loss is inexplicably intertwined with that woman’s story. He finds that his battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness, which desire to enslave not only him, but others he would learn to love. 278 pages

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