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  • My brother-in-law is a published author!!!!! This is the first book in a series!! A good read!
  • Most Helpful Customer Reviews LOVED IT! Want to read more! By Dennis E. Rupert on October 15, 2014 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    • I have just finished reading CHOSEN and I have to admit that I have a serious problem. My problem: I have to wait until January 2015 for the next book in the series!!!! CHOSEN is creative fiction in the style of Frank Peretti’s THIS PRESENT DARKNESS – that is, the book blends together story lines from both the visible and invisible worlds (demons, angels, & the Creator). I find the human characters in CHOSEN more engaging and believable than Peretti’s books. I became quickly invested in each person. I cheered at their successes, empathized with their struggles, and wept as they departed for the next life. While the setting moves around the globe, most of the story occurs in Vietnam during the American presence between the years of 1964-1975. The action and the dialogue move swiftly. It never bogs down. And Charles de Andrade has a way of capturing emotions and scenes in a short phrase or sentence that I find captivating. The story is also full of romance – in fact, I was surprised by the blend of war and godly passion that I found in the story. The female characters are three dimensional – revealing both their struggles and their affections, their defeats and their hopes. Also the author understands, not just romance but, friendship, admiration, and affection. The most intriguing aspect to the book is the way that the author got me to care about each person, including those individuals that I would normally think of as “enemies.” Charles de Andrade helps you to see the bigger picture: “Something has enslaved us all, captured us, and taken something” from every human being. “We all know that there has to be more to us than what we are today, than what we see today.” (pp. 146-147). There are two minor things that took away from my reading experience. The first was the 7 page prologue. The prologue describes events that happen in the spiritual realm. I had to read each sentence two or three times just to begin to understand what was being said. Frankly, I was worried that the whole novel would be like the prologue, but was very pleasantly surprised to find my fears unfounded. The writing style of the rest of the book is completely different and engaging. I might recommend reading the prologue AFTER finishing the book. It makes more sense after reading the book and yet leaves some future mysteries unexplained. The other thing that distracted from my reading was the grammar and spelling mistakes. This is not the fault of the author, but of poor editing or publishing. Each mistake jarred me out of the narrative for a brief moment. I hope that future editions and the next books in the STEWARD SERIES will catch miscues like this. Charles de Andrade is an author that I want to read. I look forward to the sequels to CHOSEN.
  • By Mary Ann Hilton on October 29, 2014 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    • I finished CHOSEN by Charles de Andrade in 1 1/2 days time. I could not put the book down! The book takes place during the Vietnam war. It is not only a battle of war but a battle of the forces of good and evil. Why were certain people Chosen to fight for the light and some for evil? The characters are believable and interesting. The story never slows down. The reader is drawn into the story as if they were watching it unfold right before their eyes. I wish I didn’t have to wait for the second book in the series because the Chosen have unfinished business! A must read!